Weight Managment


So many people diet endlessly with only limited long term success.

Others use food as a way of controlling their emotions.


I understand how managing your weight can be a life long struggle. 

Often the addiction/obsession with  food is more difficult to overcome than other addictions, because food is a part of our every day life and can never be given up completely.

Building a Healthy Relationship With Food

Therefore we need to be able building a relationship with food that is healthy.  To either reject food or obsess about it leaves us in a state of disempowerment.

By building a healthy respect for food it will help you to take control over your eating and your weight.

Why do people struggle with food issues ?

Often people that struggle with weight issues because they have choosen food unconsciously as a way to emotionally fulfilling their needs.

Some people use food to overcome:

  • Bordem
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Negative thinking
  • Fear looking attractive
  • Loneliness
  • Emptiness
  • To have control over themselves
  • As a distraction

How my therapy can help make a difference 

When people choose to use food to satisfy something other than hunger, it happens for many different reasons.

Through hypnotherapy we can uncovering why food is playing too bigger a part in your life. 

When you begin to heal the emotional need behind food within the subconscious mind, it will enable you to take control over your eating, your health and your life.

Your hypnotherapy sessions with me are developed specifically around you and your individual needs

Through the counselling and hypnotherapy process I use, we can get to the heart of the matter and discover why food is controlling you.


If  you looking for the real long term answers to your weight issues, then ring today on 0424 300 678 and make an appointment to start the change towards your new  life.