Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Inner Strength Hypnotherapy On-line Program 

If you are interested in experiencing professional therapy in the comfort of your own home then our our on-line quit smoking program is a better option for you.

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Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Nobody was born a smoker.  Smoking is a habit, a behaviour you have learned and practiced so often it has become a an automatic program running in your subconscious mind.
Even though you may have chocked on your first cigarette, you have now hard-wired your brain to believe that smoking makes you feel good.


Who will decide when to stop.

 You or the Cigarettes ?

The choice really is yours !


FACT: Smoking increases the risk of having a heart attack by two to three times, compared to the risk of non-smokers.

FACT: Smoking causes 30% of all cancer related  deaths (including at least 80% of lung cancer deaths).

FACT: About half of all regular smokers will eventually be killed by their habit.


 It’s never to late to choose to stop !

Do you need my help ?

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Hypnotherapy is the best way to quit ! 


The most successful way to quit is to take the steps to “Stop”. 


It is entirely up to you, but the sooner you decide to stop, the sooner you will start to gain the benefits and the habits of a non-smoker.

 Ask yourself 

Am I ready to save Money ?

 Am I ready to look and feel healthy ?

Am I ready to take charge of my life ?

Am I ready to be a “Non- Smoker” ?



I understand how hard it can be to stop smoking on your own. 

That’s why I have developed a program to help you quit


Successful Quitters  Choose To Make A Change.

How many times have you said to yourself ?

“I’ll give up tomorrow”

“I’ll start on Monday”

“I’ll give up for lent”

Remember “You only have today !”  – “Tomorrow doesn’t exist !”

You Can Decide To Do It for Your Family !

You Can Decide To Do It For Your Friends !

Why Not Decide To Do It For You ?