Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence helps us understand our wants, needs and desires.

emotional intelligence

Our emotions are important

Our emotions and feelings are important and need to be validated in order for a person to move through the emotional state.

Often as children we are not able to openly express our emotions and therefore many people are simply  not aware of what they are feeling or what to do about the way they feel.

Stuffing down or avoiding  emotions is a common response to anything that feels uncomfortable. This does not resolve the feeling in the long run and often  creates negative patterns that stops the person from living a full filling life.

If as a child we are not taught to identify our emotions, then as an adult feelings can be very confusing.

To begin the process of understanding our emotions we first need to identify what they are and then identify what that emotional state is telling us we need.  This helps us to manage our emotions more easily.

All of our emotions are trying to telling us what we need.

Below is a list of the most common emotions and what they mean:

Emotional State Need, Want, Desire
1.  Boredom To grow through challenge
2.  Anger To experience fairness for self and others
3.  Guilt To be fair to others
4.  Sadness To keep valued things and people
5.  Loneliness To have meaningful relationships
6.  Inadequacy To feel good enough/adequate
7.  Stress To have success in managing one’s life
8.  Fear/Anxiety To feel safe
9.  Frustration To meet needs through own efforts
10. Depression To be effective and hopeful

We can use emotional information to guide our thinking and our behavior, and manage or adjust our emotional response to adapt our environments to achieve our goals.

When we avoid our emotions we tend to use unhealthy behaviours to distract us from those feelings.

These behaviours can include:

  • Smoking
  • Over eating
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Sexual/porn addiction
  • Gaming addiction
  • Taking illegal drugs or excess medication addiction
  • Over exercising
  • Over working
  • and any other behaviour that becomes addictive and creates problems in our lives.

That’s why hypnotherapy is so effective in treating addictions.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to discover your unconscious emotional needs and resolve them.

If you would like to understand yourself more and resolve your emotional issues please contact Donna on 0424 300 678 or book on line for your convenience.