Overcome addiction


Addictive behaviour can be very destructive in our lives.  Whether your addiction is related to food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex or any other excess behaviour that feels out of control hypnotherapy can be very beneficial in helping to change that behaviour.

If you or someone you know is using self destructive behaviours to avoid uncomfortable feelings, then counselling and hypnotherapy with me may be what you need.

Unlike other types of talk therapy, I understand it takes more than just talking to make us change our thinking and behaviours.

Addictive behaviours are driven by the subconscious mind.  Those automatic behaviours that you think are helping you cope with your life, are often the things that end up ruining it.

When a behaviour is so strong we cant control it, it’s coming from the subconscious mind. That’s why hypnotherapy can be very beneficial in making those changes happen.

By making those changes from the inside, you can find peace of mind. With peace of mind you know longer need to use those things to distract you.



The addictions that can be treated with hypnotherapy are:

  •  Food & Eating
  • Gambling
  • Sex
  • Alcohol
  • Internet & Gaming
  • Drugs
  • Work
  • Love & Relationship




Hypnotherapy helps you to understand yourself and take back your power over your addiction.

If you need help overcoming your addiction please give me a call on 0424 300 678 or book on line for your convenience.