Children & Teenage Therapy

"Most of the children I have seen in therapy over the years have
had two basic problems. For one, they have difficulty making good
contact: contact with teachers, parents, peers, books. Secondly, they
generally have a poor sense of self.
The expression “self-concept” is more often used to describe
how children feel about themselves. I like to use “sense of self”
since it avoids a judgmental stance and is a more integrated
concept." - Author Hidden Treasure Violet Oaklander,PHd

As a clinical hypnotherapist and counselling I am fully training in psychotherapy and childhood development.  This enables me to assist both children and adolescence to overcome those emotional issues, that often prevent them from growing into the confidence well adjusted adult they need to be.

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My therapy is available for children as young as 8 years of age.  It is effect for children and teenagers with a normal developmental IQ.

Hypnotherapy can assist your child with:

  • Social anxiety
  • Exam anxiety
  • Overcoming stress
  • Confidence building
  • Communication skills
  • Anger  issues
  • Motivation
  • Study Issues
  • PTSD
  • Depression

My sessions can includes tools and techniques for parents to use at home as well.

If you feel as if you child could do with some assistance to get their life back on track, I am hear to help.

I have a current working with children’s licence to give you peace of mind as a work with your child to make the positive changes they need.

Please give me a call on 0424 300678 to discuss further, or book online if you prefer.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Testimonial from a very happy parent 

“My daughter recently saw Donna for help regarding a childhood trauma and subsequent anxiety.

We trusted Donna as soon as we met her. She’s caring, understanding, so good at what she does and my daughter felt at ease immediately.

During the first session, Donna concentrated on my daughter’s trauma. Through the hypnotherapy, she got my daughter to accept that her trauma was a part of her past, but didn’t have to control her future. My daughter was (and still is) able to think of her past and then leave it there!

The following two sessions Donna concentrated on my daughter’s anxiety and the flow on effects into her schoolwork, social life and work. We have since had major breakthroughs in these areas.

No longer is anxiety holding her back. Now I truly believe that she can live the life she is meant to lead- no longer held back in so many areas of her life.

You cannot believe what a weight has lifted off her (our) shoulders.

I will be forever grateful to Donna for giving her back her life and I give her my heartfelt thanks!!

I am recommending Donna to anyone I think could benefit from a session. I am so glad I went with my “gut” when I googled hypnotherapy.” Barb


Testimonial from a student with exam anxiety

“Thank you so much! It helped so much. I had a sac the next day and felt calm the whole time and didn’t stress at all!”


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