FAQ – Hypnotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnotherapy

To ensure that you feel completely at ease and comfortable when you have a hypnotherapy session with me, I have listed below a few of the common questions & concerns some of my new clients have asked about hypnotherapy:

Do I have to believe in hypnotherapy for it to work ? No, being skeptical is fine. You don’t need to believe in hypnotherapy for it to work.

After seeing people doing weird things when they are hypnotised on stage, I am afraid of losing control.  Although stage hypnosis appear to be controlling the people on stage, those people have agreed to accept those suggestions under hypnosis. They are only on stage because they are willing to conform. Hypnosis does not mean mind control. During the process of hypnosis the person remains in control of their actions. When a person is under hypnosis they will be able to move around and even open their eyes if they want to.

What does hypnosis feeling like? The feeling of hypnosis is of being physically and mentally relaxed. Some people say it feels like daydreaming.   Others have compared it to the feeling experienced just before waking completely or when drifting off to sleep.  The deep state of relaxation is in itself a very healing state.

Will hypnosis feel like I am asleep? Hypnosis isn’t like being asleep.  I like to refer to it as engaging in an inner journey of self discovery.  Others have described hypnosis as a hightened sense of awareness. You will remain aware of what you are experiencing the whole time, whilst  your body feels very comfortable and relaxed.

I am concerned I won’t relax enough to be hypnotized Hypnosis  is a natural state that our minds move in and out of all day.  Have you ever been watching a tv show and missed part of what was happening during the show, because you became lost in your own thoughts,  that’s hypnosis.  Thats why advertising works so well on us, when we relax and begin to watch tv, we naturally zoned out at times. It is during those relaxed evenings when those advertising suggestions get stored in our subconscious mind over time.

Do you remember daydreaming ? Most people remember at school during long boring classes drifting off into their own world.  The body relaxes, the mind quietens down and then we naturally begin drift off into our own thoughts. That’s when we are in hypnosis. Most people have driven to a destination a sometime without remembering how they got there, because they have been engaged in their  own thinking?  That’s an hypnotic state. All of these examples are naturally occuring for everyone, that’s  why hypnosis works so effectively, its a natural and comfortable state to be in.

Do I need to be in a deep state of trance to be hypnotised ? The depth that people reach in hypnosis varies from person to person and from technique to technique. It is important to understand that it is not necessary to achieve a very deep level of hypnosis to bring about change to habits or conditions that are negatively impacting a person. Whatever way you feel during hypnosis is exactly how it should feel.  You can’t get it wrong.

Will I remember what happens during hypnotherapy?  You will remember as much or as little as you choose to during a hypnotherapy session.  Sometime the mind drifts off into some blissful state and clients have told me they only remember parts of the experience.  You can feel comfortable knowing that if that happens it wont limit benefits you will experience during the session. During hypnosis we are tapping into the subconscious mind and it is that part of the mind that is always listening and it is that part that needs to change.

Will you loose control during the session? Nobody can totally take over and control another person’s mind during hypnosis.   People go into hypnosis because they choose to.  If you do choose to relax deeply during the session, the subconscious mind will look after you, becomes it is your internal watchdog, your protector, part of its role is to keep you alive and safe.

The subconscious part of the mind will remain in control even when you allow yourself to fully relax.  It remains fully aware of everything  you are experiencing through the entire session and therefore if it does not agree with what I am suggesting it will not accept it.

Will hypnotherapy change my personality? As a certified clinical hypnotherapist I ensure my clients are treated with respect and integrity at all time. I am professionally, ethically and morally bound to ensure my clients remain safe during their hypnotherapy experience with me.  I ensure that I only use techniques that are applicable for creating the changes that my clients have asked for.  This happens because of the questions that I ask during the counselling part of session.  Some of the questions may include: – How do you want to feel like after this session ? What benefits do you want to gain from hypnotherapy ?

When you choose a hypnotherapist make sure that you are dealing with a certified clinical practitioner.