Depression Treatment

There are two major forms of treatment for depression today, psychological therapy and antidepressant medications. Although both are important and each are effective in different ways. Medication is the first form of treatment prescribed by GP’s .

How medication can help with depression:

  • manage physical symptoms, such as inability to sleep & increased appetite
  • raise the floor on depression so people don’t go so deeply into despair

How hypnotherapy can help with depression:

Although medications can be helpful, particularly if a person has a chemical imbalance, it doesn’t deal with emotional or psychological components of depression, often caused from life experiences.

That’s why hypnotherapy and counselling is effective for helping people overcome depression.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I use proven psychotherapy and psychological techniques to help alleviate those deep feelings of depression within my clients.

We all suffer at different times in our lives, when we get stuck in the suffering and being to feel a sense of hopelessness that’s when we experience depression.feeling-good-1

Hypnotherapy is effective:

  • when you carrying that heavy dark cloud of sadness, emptiness and hopelessness with relief
  • when you would like to see the spark in life again
  • when you want to feel enthusiasm about your future
  • when you ready to stop letting your past define your future
  • when you ready to stop punishing yourself for the mistakes you made

How can I help:

  • allow you to let go of your past
  • assist you to forgive yourself and others
  • give you better problem-solving skills
  • stop that internal negative self talk
  • change those feelings of hopelessness
  • changes those negative self beliefs
  • create positive understanding in your relationships
  • accept yourself and your life with compassion and insight

How many sessions will you need?

You may have lived with depression for a long time, so it’s important to understand that for long term change it may take time depending on the individual and the cause of depression.

Whatever reasons for your depression you can expect to feel better overtime and with each session you can expect to gain more control.

If you have not found any relief from other more traditional therapies, maybe it’s time to take a new approach.

To book your first please contact Donna on 0424 300 678 or for your convenience book online so that we can start your healing journey together.


Hypnotherapy changes those deep uncomfortable feelings.  It enables you to heal those deep empty feelings and creates a positive feeling of wanting to live life again. The insight therapy that I use helps you to understand yourself in a way that you may never experienced before. 

Typical changes people have experienced:

  • increased feelings calmness
  • increase feelings of self control
  • begin to think clearly
  • find it easier to make decisions and stick to them
  • behaving effectively and postively
  • increased feelings of self worth, self confidence and self belief

If you are looking for an alternative to medication treatment or considering combining medication with hypnotherapy to resolves those deep unconscious, uncomfortable feelings, hypnotherapy with me may be the solution your looking for.

I am here to support you and help you to take the steps you need to turn your life around. 

You don’t have to suffer alone.

Inner strength hypnotherapy provides effective therapy for treating depression. 

Call today for to discuss further or click on to my booking page to make an appointment to see me.