Donna is a no nonsense emphatic therapist who enabled me to relax enough for the hypnosis process to work. I certainly recommend this experience and Donna to anyone that wants to explore their core essence and work on their blockages. Candy July 2021

I Met Donna today for the first time and I found her very engaging and so easy to talk too – Susan  July 2021

It was a fantastic session! I felt much better after! Hong July 2020

I had an amazing experience during the hypnosis session, and felt very supported throughout the process. Kara

Over 15 years I have leant on Business, Sales and life coaches, relationship counsellors and psychologists. Donna is by far the most generous in spirit, time and expertise that I have met. Her passion for learning and unique combination of science and spiritual guidance creates a unique and fulfilling experience each and every time we work together. I enjoy, I am challenged and I heal each and every time I meet with Donna. She’s a ripper and I can’t recommend her highly enough! Brian

Donna is excellent at the procedure of hypnosis. I had a hard time accepting a particular situation and have now come to terms with it thanks to Donna. She is well qualified, patient, understanding and eager to assist you in any way possible to reach your desired solution. I highly recommend her if you are struggling and need assistance. I will not hesitate to contact Donna again if I require further hypnosis for any situation or unexpected problem that may occur.


had my first session with Donna today. She is very wise, open & approachable. All went well during my hypnotherapy, & I look forward to growing from it!

Donna is wonderful, helpful and down to earth. After my session with her I felt so positive about my future and felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Joy

Thank you so much ! Your counselling has helped me greatly in getting my life “back in order” !  Allison

Donna is an amazing hypnotherapist who has taken time to form a report and engage respectfully, making my experience authentic and meaningful with great outcomes. I highly recommend Donna …. Maya

I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done with the girls so far, I know they have greatly benefited from their visit! Both Aylah and Maddison have showed a big difference after just 1 session.

Cheers Father of Maddie (9 years) and Aylah (6 years) – Rory

Donna is just amazing! I always leave our sessions feeling light and joyful with such clarity. Would definitely recommended her services to anyone who doesn’t feel quite right or people who have tried everything else but not found the treatment they need! Nicola

I got great results, Donna is lovely and helps to keep you really comfortable and reassuring at all times. Sherree

My daughter recently saw Donna for help regarding a childhood trauma and subsequent anxiety.

We trusted Donna as soon as we met her. She’s caring, understanding, so good at what she does and my daughter felt at ease immediately.

During the first session, Donna concentrated on my daughter’s trauma. Through the hypnotherapy, she got my daughter to accept that her trauma was a part of her past, but didn’t have to control her future. My daughter was (and still is) able to think of her past and then leave it there!

The following two sessions Donna concentrated on my daughter’s anxiety and the flow on effects into her schoolwork, social life and work. We have since had major breakthroughs in these areas.

No longer is anxiety holding her back. Now I truly believe that she can live the life she is meant to lead- no longer held back in so many areas of her life.

You cannot believe what a weight has lifted off her (our) shoulders.

I will be forever grateful to Donna for giving her back her life and I give her my heartfelt thanks!!

I am recommending Donna to anyone I think could benefit from a session. I am so glad I went with my “gut” when I googled hypnotherapy.


Donna you are an amazing hypnotherapist and counsellor. You are very personable and empathic. I’ve had hypnotherapy with four other therapists and you are the only one I trusted instantly. You listen without judging and you empower me to feel in control of the healing process and because of this for the first time I am getting the results I desire. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!   Miryana

Thank you so much for helping my daughter yesterday. She felt so relax and did so well at her training session last night.  Her coach was absolutely amazed.  You are magic, thank you.   Treated – Sports anxiety L C

The hypnotheory sesson was really helpful and great counselling. LM

I left feeling great, guided and knowing everything was a-ok. Thanks again Donna you were wonderful and compassionate! K N

Donna is a really great therapist as well as hypnotist. She seeked to understand the areas I wanted to improve on to help my ‘authentic self’ ‘ emerge. Thank you, Donna !

As a newbie to the hypnotherapy world I wasn’t sure what to expect however as soon as I went into the room I felt so at ease with Donna and found it very easy to talk about difficult subjects with her. After the hypnotherapy session I felt so relaxed, grounded and refreshed and I couldn’t recommend this treatment enough. Thank you Donna

I had an amazing experience although there’s a lot more work to be done I feel something happened. The physical effect it had on me was amazing and thank you for making me feel so comfortable. 🙂 Jo

Instant relief from anxiety. I walked in a mess, all emotional and left with a new lease on
Life. Thankyou so so much. I cannot wait until the next session. MC.

There are those dark times in our life where a single ray of hope can heal and guide you into light. Donna has been that light for me during my worst period of depression. She has not only been a counsellor but a friend and guide who taught me to believe in myself and look forward to something beautiful. In just a few sessions with her amazing energy healing and profound counselling she prepared me mentally to face the challenges life presented and helped me learn the lessons more gracefully.  I strongly recommend Donna if you are trying to find yourself and looking for healing yourself both spiritually and emotionally.

KC – Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Before I started seeing Donna Kovacs for hypnosis, my past was controlling me and every aspect of my life. I have been unable to work for seven and a half years due to major depression, post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. I have battled with these for most of my life. Working with Donna I have now been able to understand and release the trauma of my past. Thanks to Donna I have an inner peace, calm and the freedom to be me that I have never had in over fifty years. I found Donna to be compassionate, caring, empathic, understanding and totally professional. With Donna I feel so at ease and comfortable. I have complete faith and trust in Donna. That is something that hasn’t come easily to me in the past. I would highly recommend seeing Donna. Donna has changed my life for the better. So much so that I am now looking at getting back into the workforce. I have stopped the self destructive behaviours. I can now be the real me who finally loves herself. I am now able to enjoy my life to the max. Thank you so much Donna.

KR – Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Hi Donna,

I wanted to thank you for going way over time yesterday, you’re such a good counsellor and healer. Thank You !

AL – Hypnotherapy

Amazing healer. Thank you from all of my being! SMXx

“I live very close to the airport and the flight path is directly over my house.  The sound of the airplanes flying over my house began to irritate me so much that I could not enjoy being outside at all. In fact it became such a problem to me that I even began to notice the sound of the planes when I was in the house as well.  I was considering selling my family home and moving to another suburb to avoid the noise completely, but decided to try hypnotherapy as a last resort.  I saw Donna three times to help me with the noise irritation and to my relief have found the sound of the planes  no longer bother me at all.  I am now able to work outside in the garden without even thinking about them, and even when they fly overhead the sound in no longer an issue at all.  I would recommend Donna to anyone.  Thanks again for your help.”

GK – Hypnotherapy

“I recently attended a  number of sessions with Donna in regards to a personal issue which had been present for many years.  From the outset  my sessions and follow up with Donna were very positive.  At my initial appointment Donna took the time to explore the presenting issue thoroughly.  In working this way she was able to understand my thoughts/feelings and identify the key triggers and the secondary gains.  This knowledge alone allowed me to make breakthroughs in my understanding of my experiences.  I felt I have covered this ground previously however Donna’s attention to detail and her in depth counselling brought to the surface new information.  My hypnotherapy was very positive and I felt safe and relaxed and able to trust Donna implicitly.  Overall not only her skills but her manner ensured I was able to address an issue I had previously been unable to change.  I did quite a bit of research prior to choosing Donna and I strongly believe I made the right choice.”

A E- Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Thanks Donna,

Such a relief to feel less anxious after only one session.  Thanks for helping me deal with something that I have struggled with for so long.  Looking forward to our next session.

K L  –  Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Hi Donna,

Just thought I would let you know how Im going. Good news is that I am doing really well, so much happier, stress levels are really low and Im feeling good about myself.

K B – Hypnotherapy & Counselling

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