White Selenite Crystal Mountain Shape Lamps


White Selenite Crystal Mountain Shape Lamp With Electrical Kit – 20 cm   $45.00 plus $15.00 postage inclusive $60.00

The crystals used in these lamps are naturally formed in the shape of crystal mountains. They omit a gentle translucent light that illuminates the walls of the crystal creating a beautifully peaceful and calming feel to any room.

Selenite crystals come from the ancient seas and oceans had have the quality of  soothing and balancing our emotions.  It also has the ability to bring clarity to the mind whilst increasing insight and improving awareness.


Selenite in known to reduce ‘Negative ions’  a natural air purifier, as well as creating  a protective grid within the home, to ensuring a peaceful atmosphere.

Selenite lamps make a wonderful addition to meditation rooms, living areas,  bedrooms or any area in the home or working environment, that needs more peace and harmony.

These beautiful lamps omit such a gentle, peaceful and  protective energy because they are known to connect us to the  angelic realm.

They are can be a wonderful addition to children’s bedrooms, especially if they suffer from nightmares or have anxiety around sleeping.

I love my lamp and I am sure you will too.

All lamps come with electrical kit & a light globe for your convenience